RWGA 18 Hole

Welcome to the Rotonda Women’s Golf Association (RWGA) 18-Hole League.

RWGA is a year-round league that strives to create a friendly, competitive, and social atmosphere for women golfers.  All women members of the Rotonda Golf and Country Club (RGCC) are eligible to join the league at any time. An application form must be completed to join the league. This form is available online or at the Hills Women’s Lounge on the bulletin board.  Annual dues are $40.  Handicap: All members must be enrolled and post regular scores in the GHIN system. New members must have a current USGA handicap from Rotonda, or another club, or you must post five 18-hole GHIN scores before competing for prize money (chits).

Weekly League Play League play is a shotgun start at 8:00 AM on Tuesday’s.

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